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Paper quality will lead to the laminating machine laminating are not allowed

In the daily production, because of paper when printing groups in its teeth are not allowed to transfer, tissue paper in its mouth parts appear tear phenomenon. By laminating machine mounting, feeding process can easily paper into bent or folded state, mounted after will cause a paper and corrugated cardboard phenomenon of uneven. The occurrence of such a situation, we should adjust its teeth over time, prevent the mouth edge tearing paper.

In addition, if the paper moisture content is not suitable or are untidy, can easily make the mouth of the edges of the paper were curled. Then send the former syndiospecific paper working surface on the chain and the mouth of the edge of the paper is not in a straight line contact push state, in this case mounted out of cardboard paper will make obvious convex corrugated cardboard, die-cutting will because the projecting paper easy bending caused by the front gauge positioning, semi-finished products die-cutting out also will errors. Water which requires us to control the rate of tissue, prevent moisture to make it fall high stiffness.

And for after printing, glazing, calendering or film after the semi-finished paper, we must be neatly stacked, to prevent deformation and curling undesirable situation. This can avoid inaccurate phenomenon paper and corrugated paper mounting at. We also want to remind everybody, the paper usually should pay attention to inventory the stacking features. For the temperature and humidity, smooth degree must have a quantitative standard and strictly enforced, may temporarily carelessness will cause the loss of a batch of products.

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