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Proper use and maintenance of cladding machine

Proper use and maintenance cladding machine

Automatic high-precision machine cladding, which is to improve productivity and quality assurance of reliable, so always pay attention to do the proper use and maintenance of the machine, which is to prevent abnormal wear and damage the machine an important part of the new machine purchases, If due to restrictions factory own technical conditions, can not train their own production operators, they should please equipment manufacturers to send technical personnel on-site training of equipment operators to ensure the machine after the purchase to get the correct use and normal play, the device initially use the run-in period, the production rate of the machine not to open too quickly, generally controlled at 3000 / hour, in pre-production process, equipment, pay attention to the "concept, smell, touch," and other methods to check whether the machine to maintain a normal state, concept, is to pay attention to see the work of the state machine related components, there is no abnormal movements; smell, is to pay attention to hear the machine has no unusual sound; touch, that is, the machine just to run for some time, go down to timely some feel the rotation axis of the machine, gears and other rotating parts, are significant temperature rise and abnormal hot feeling, if found irregularities, immediately shut down for inspection, identify problems in time, the machine during use, be sure to in strict accordance with the requirements of equipment operating instructions and make periodic lubrication and maintenance of the machine, which is to ensure the accuracy of the device to maintain good

How cladding machine selected models

As small miscellaneous plant varieties, specifications, both fixed bulk goods traffic, but also small quantities of orders, as appropriate procurement manual and semi-automatic machine veneer cladding and fully automatic machine each number of Taiwan. Thus, according to the production characteristics of the product, reasonable arrangements for the right machine for the production, to improve production efficiency and quality are more favorable. cladding machine has a completely manual operation, simple structure veneer machine, semi-automatic and fully automatic cladding machine, different models covering machine structure, performance, price is also different. choose what type of cladding machine production, mainly depends on the structure and characteristics of the plant products.

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