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October 2016 Gude Printing Machinery moved to a new plant

In October this fragrance fragrance, our company moved from the old factory as a whole to the Ouhai District of Wenzhou City, the industrial area of Giant Tian Yuen Road No. 1, production sites and office environment has been greatly improved, to continue to better To provide customers with good products and services.

Product innovation, the company has been working to perfect Biaozhi machine series, in addition, by the removal of the Dongfeng and the government "public innovation, Peoples business" spirit, the successful development, developed smartfold intelligent automatic paste me machine series, has Put on the market, users get the praise. 1. Intelligent, automation, automation, automation, automation, to the paper, pre-folding, lock at the end of the sub-section design, can be completely free to choose configuration, box, hexagonal box and special box design The new type of high-speed models with wedge-shaped pulley drive, the speed of up to 400 m / min. (3) The new generation of high-speed models with wedge-shaped pulley drive, speed up to 400 m / min.

Good wind by virtue of force, very grateful to you over the years of concern, support and love,Gude people will, as always, work hard at work, good service to the broad masses of old and new customers for the cause of printing and packaging to make modest force!

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