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Explain the common problem laminating machine

Introduce the common problem laminating machine

1 fitting precision and the paper itself: This is also linked to, but the main problem is still the problem of mechanical structure. The new machine or repair, a period of time there will be no normal fitting precision.

This problem is mainly has the following A: positioning chain wear (elongated).B positioning claw (refers to wear in the base of chain drive sprocket).C positioning claw is worn.

Of course, there are other factors such as: operation caused by abrasion, glue wheel bearings wear ¸ four wheel set gear gap is too large and so on. All of these bring the operating personnel and the back section of the die-cutting troubled sector.

2 degumming and with flowers: glue more on the fly glue and then with flowers, glue less degumming. It is divided into two aspects:

The nature and concentration of glue, the glue wheel and the wear scraping wheel or turbine with the wheel balance gap cleaning, then bearing or shaft head wear caused by.

3 Feida paper out: this situation with two or more pieces of paper, this problem is more vacuum help worn cause insufficient air blowing pressure and flow caused by.

4 corrugated paper: this situation to a tape wear thin, friction reduction, high pressure blower power is insufficient and so on.

5 production speed: average speed in the 2500-4500 / up and down.

Laminating machine belongs to the paper making machinery field

Laminating machine belongs to the paper making machinery field, in particular for a two piece of paper paste paste in the laminating machine together, which is composed of a paper feeding mechanism, composition of laminating mechanism and the paper pressing mechanism, the paper feeding mechanism is arranged on the two hit, have intermediate positioning mechanism is arranged in the laminating mechanism laminating mechanism, will be divided into two paper Road, on both sides of paper mounting mechanism are arranged at the edge of the wing shaped leaf spring, an intermediate positioning mechanism is composed of a middle positioning guide block and the lifting mechanism, the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, improve production efficiency, adapt to different sizes of paper, there is no limit to a on the size of the paper, single and double feed can convert laminating machine.

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