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Proper use and maintenance to the cladding machine

Cladding machine how the proper use and maintenance

Control 1) covering machine production operations

When laminating color of tissue paper thin and curled the case, the machine's speed can not open too quickly, tissue paper and corrugated board when installed, about their relative position to be aligned in order to avoid bias occurs because the paper positioning error , transverse laminating allowed, in order to ensure tissue paper and corrugated board laminating position accuracy, the production speed of the machine must be reasonable grasp according to the characteristics of tissues; the relative position of tissue paper and corrugated board to load paper alignment; upper and lower chain of travel must be accurate; the paper stop limit device to pile board fixed rear lower paper alignment.

2) Feed and positioning mechanism

If the adjustment of the machine or improper maintenance, are likely to cause tissue paper and corrugated board laminating ills error occurs, the two main reasons: the presence of loose paper feed chain mechanism, the upper and lower chain work with inconsistent or unstable; the upper and lower chain former regulations on the loose on the edge of the paper so that the feed produced when striking phenomenon; platen plate contact position on the glossy strip discomfort or gap is too big, do not slow down when you play a high-speed movement inertia momentum cardboard role; the upper and lower roll because there is no regular cleaning of the pressure roller and accumulate a certain amount of glue, tissue paper and corrugated board block the synchronization of rolling conveyor, so the machine to clean the chain should be timely, clean, and maintain good lubrication; for loosening occurs the former rules, should take appropriate measures to deal with in a timely manner; adjust the position of the platen plate, and make the board to maintain a certain friction, prevent excessive feeding and advance; should always be cleaned up and down the rolling roll dirty or glue.

Proper use and maintenance 3) of the machine

Automatic high-precision machine cladding, which is to improve productivity and quality assurance of reliable, so always pay attention to do the proper use and maintenance of the machine, which is to prevent abnormal wear and damage the machine an important part of the new machine purchases, If due to restrictions factory own technical conditions, can not train their own production operators, they should please equipment manufacturers to send technical personnel on-site training of equipment operators to ensure the machine after the purchase to get the correct use and normal play, the device initially use production rate of run-in period, the machine will not be too fast, generally controlled at 3000 / hour.

Quality paper with covering machine also has a relationship

Cladding machine as an important pre-printed carton production equipment, is one of the factors of production and processing quality carton production can not be ignored, and only the actual depth comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics cladding machine, reasonable purchase products based on the actual situation and the characteristics of plants suitable for this factory machinery factory situation and correctly use and maintenance, in order to make the purchase of equipment to play the best role in improving production efficiency and product quality.

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