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The choice of the cladding machine bad is likely to influence the production and

After the single machine single corrugated cardboard production of semi-finished products, but also through the cladding machine will be pre printed carton paper and two layers of single wall corrugated board is mounted, to form three layers structure of single wall corrugated board, and then through the die-cutting molding processing ability made of cardboard box. From the characteristics of carton processing production process can be seen, adhere to the flatness of the corrugated cardboard, cardboard mounted to ensure the quality and accuracy of the die-cutting, have crucial effect. If the semi product of corrugated cardboard produced single-sided machine show distinct warping deformation, will affect the accurate positioning of normal feeding paper and corrugated cardboard active cladding machine, some corrugated cardboard texturing is fierce, cladding machine operators had to be warping deformation of corrugated board in the opposite bias rubbed off, to maintain flatness requirement, active feed required however, corrugated cardboard after rubbed off destroyed, will make after forming the cartons compressive strength to sell at a discount greatly. If the single machine of corrugated board warpage after fierce, laminator adopts manual operation was mounted, the three layer of corrugated cardboard, appear easily also arc warping defects, when semi products to the die-cutting machine die-cutting, also will give the paper feeding and positioning the normal formation of inevitable obstacles, influence the forming quality of the carton. Therefore, in the single machine production process, must pay attention to control good online corrugated cardboard moisture and flatness, this is to ensure the quality of the carton foundation.

Production equipment should be noted

Equipment in the trial production process, should pay attention to through the "view, smell, touch" method to check whether the machine to maintain a normal state, view, is to pay attention to see the machine related parts in working state, the action has no abnormal; Wen, is to pay attention to listen to the machine has no normal sounds; touch, just run in the machine for a period of time, to the timely shutdown to touch the machine of some of the rotating shaft, gear and other rotating parts, whether obvious temperature rise and produce abnormal hot feeling, such as the abnormal phenomenon, should immediately stop check, find problem timely treatment, the machine is in use process, must operate strictly according to the specification of equipment requirements, and make the machine lubrication and regular maintenance work, which is to ensure that the equipment keep good precision, effective guarantee to improve the efficiency and quality of production.

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